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  • EAC CU-TR 010 and CU -TR 032 Certification For Didtek

    Valves that are exported to EAEU countries, are subject to mandatory EAC TR CU compliance. EAC certificate or declaration should be obtained prior to exporting or selling the equipment to EAEU countries.Valve may be subject to:TR CU 032/2013 “Equipment operating under excessive pressure”TR CU 010/20

  • How Do Didtek Cryogenic Valves Work?

    How Do Didtek Cryogenic Valves Work?As its name suggests, cryogenic valves are designed to be used in very cold applications. They are thus most popularly used by companies that work with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). For instance, the oil and gas industry frequently u

  • Didtek Heat Jacket Gate Valve With Blow Down And Drain

    Didtek heating jackets are required where the process temperature must be maintained through the valve in order to keep the process media fluid. In particular, where there is potential for media to be trapped within a closed valve the heating jacket can be vital in maintaining the process temperatur

  • Didtek Tailor-Made Special Material Valves--Titanium, Zirconium, Nickel, Copper And More

    Special Properties – Special ApplicationsSpecial materials have special properties and are suitable for special applications. There are highly durable, strong, light or resistant special materials for various requirements. These may be particularly resistant to chemical, thermal or mechanical loads.

  • Didtek API600 Gate Valve 3 Stages Of Heat Treatment

    Didtek Overview of Heat TreatmentAll of the typical processes performed on metals produce heat, whether it’s welding or cutting, and any time you heat metal, you change the metallurgical structure and properties of it. Inversely, you can also use heat treatment to restore metals to its original form

  • Can Globe Valves and Gate Valves Be Used Interchangeably?

    This is a passage mainly introduce the difference between the globe valves and gate valves.

  • What are the applicable conditions of gate valve and globe valve?

    Gate valves and globe valves are all actuated valves. The gate valve is used to open and close the main pipe. Globe valve is mainly used for opening and closing of small-diameter pipes (branch pipes) or pipe ends and flow adjustment. 1.Gate ValveThe gate valve is usually suitable for keeping the g

  • The Classifications of Check Valves

    This is a passage mainly talking about the classification of check valves.

  • The characteristics and application of six major types of valves

    This article mainly introduces the characteristics and application of six major types of valves, such as gate valves and check valves.

  • The cryogenic valve for LNG

    This article mainly introduces the cryogenic valve for LNG.

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