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Brand Story
Provide the total solution for valve applications in extreme environments.
All things derived from a boy’s industrial dream!
Didtek Valve CEO Mr. Zhang was born in an industrial family. His father founded Didtek Valve in 1985. Mr. Zhang's knowledge of valves is derived from China's modern industrial history.
Under the education influence of his father, "Make the most reliable valve, let "Made-in-China Valve" tend towards the world!" has become Mr. Zhang's lifelong industrial dream!
Mr. Zhang officially took over the management of Didtek after going abroad to study in 2009.

"Since the industrial revolution, the quality of a country’s valve manufacturing has represented the level of a country’s industrialization technology. The reliability of the valve is the reliability of the industrial lifeline. For this reason, Didtek continues to explore and innovate, take valve reliability under extreme environment as standard. Additionally, Didtek provided more than 1,000 kinds of cost-effective valve solutions for customers in the industrial industry. Because of its professionalism, Didtek is mutually beneficial and win-win with customers in those areas that can fully demonstrate value, and promotes the continuous upgrading of China's industrial industry to the world."

——Mr. Zhang

How to deal with extreme environment?
As we all know, valve belongs to the control component in the fluid delivery system, which has the functions of cut-off, adjustment, diversion, prevention of reverse flow, pressure regulation, shunting or overflow pressure relief. Actually, valve is used to control the flow speed of various types of fluids such as air, water, steam, various corrosive media, mud, oil, liquid metals and radioactive media.
Additionally, valves can be used in extreme industrial environments such as oil mining, petrochemical, power stations, metallurgy, natural gas, and water conservancy. Therefore, temperature resistance, pressure resistance, corrosion protection, rust prevention, wear resistance and air tightness have become the research and development standards for Didtek product reliability. Didtek has four laboratories including chemical laboratory, ultra-low temperature processing laboratory, high temperature and high pressure laboratory, ultrasonic cleaning and processing laboratory. We have various quality inspection equipments, our internal quality inspection system also is mature. Besides, our quality inspection team has up to 15 members. 
Since 2009, DIDTEK VALVE has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, American Petroleum Institute API 6D certification, API607 fire protection certification, API6FA fire protection certification, EU Pressure Component Safety Registration Certification (CE), Russian Customs Union (EAC) certification, The National Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Administration special equipment pressure pipeline valve manufacturing TS license, CCCF fire product certification, etc., which provide a solid foundation for the company's products and quality.
Why choose Didtek?
In fact, Mr. Zhang officially took over the management company after he went abroad to study in 2009. At that time, we registered "Didtek" as our company’s name. Mr. Zhang said that “Did” is the past tense of “Do”, and “Tek” is “Technology”, technology innovation in the future! We must achieve technological innovation as the driving force, aim product reliability optimization as goal, continue to provide the valves which are from China but have European quality overall solutions to the global market.
Advantages of manufacture: 
Didtek is located at the forefront of China's between private economy and reform-openness places——Yongjia, which also is a valve company that adheres to the corporate vision of "becoming a world-renowned valve brand" and integrates valve design, production and sales. Since its establishment, Didtek Valve has been committed to providing overall solutions for valve pipelines, and providing professional and diversified valve design, customization, manufacturing, OEM and other production services. So that we can meet customer needs with unprecedented responsiveness and originality.
Production capacity: 
In 2016, the annual output value of Didik Valve Factory exceeded 80 million yuan. Our company has three types of CNC machining centers: CNC horizontal machining center, CNC vertical machining center and CNC grinding machining center. It has more than 80 production personnel and more than 150 sets of production equipment.
We have excellent technical strength, design and experience in the manufacture of gate valves, ball valves and butterfly valves. We also have a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO9001-2008, and obtained the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED). Didtek's certification includes API6D, PED instruction Mod H, CU TR 010/032, API6FA, ISO9001: 2008. Products mainly cover petroleum mining, petrochemical industry, power station, metallurgy, natural gas, water conservancy and other industries. At the same time, various products are complete and can be customized according to different technical requirements of customers.
DIDTKE VALVE adheres to the brand value concept of "Didtek is a word of trust" and adheres to the business and production principles of "Prestige first, customer uppest" to provide customers with a full range of caring services as follows:
 In terms of funds, we provide customers with a "deposit guarantee" to ensure that customers can get the highest quality products.
 In terms of security, we signed commercial confidentiality agreements with customers to ensure their commercial secrets.
 In terms of quality, we provide customers with "Three Guarantees Quality Commitment" and "Delivery Guarantee" worth over $5,000. The inspection standards are more detailed than SGS and TUV, the inspection documents are up to 32 papers. What’s more, we will provide the unique valve quality report.





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