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Didtek Tailor-Made Special Material Valves--Titanium, Zirconium, Nickel, Copper And More

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Special Properties – Special Applications

Special materials have special properties and are suitable for special applications. There are highly durable, strong, light or resistant special materials for various requirements. These may be particularly resistant to chemical, thermal or mechanical loads.

When selecting the right welding procedure for these materials it is important to know the precise material properties. 

A-48 DIDTEKCSGV Cast Steel Gate Valve-Aluminium Bronze OS&Y 3 150LB Gate Valve

Titanium, zirconium, nickel, copper and more
The chemical process industry calls titanium, zirconium, tantalum and niobium special materials. They are extremely resistant to acids and alkaline media. Also, many nickel and nickel-chrome-based alloys are classified as special materials due to their high resistance, corrosion-resistance and their suitability for use in aggressive environments in combination with reducing media such as acids.

Special materials are used in a number of areas: titanium is suitable for use in seawater-cooled heat exchangers and systems that come into contact with bleaching lyes, chrome and nitric acid. In addition, titanium is also used in the aerospace industry and in medical equipment. Amongst other things, zirconium is used in apparatuses used to produce acetic and hydrochloric acid or urea, and also in medical and nuclear equipment. Special materials are also used in the aerospace industry, to build power plants, in the petrochemical industry and in high-performance components in the automobile industry. Nickel alloys are used for instance to build machines and in the chemical industry.

B-8 DIDTEKCSGV Cast Steel Globe Valve-Duplex Stainless Steel 5A Globe Valve Anti-corrosion Sulfuric acid

Good Material Know-how Necessary

In-depth expertise in the field of materials science and welding processes is essential, if special materials are to be joined correctly. For instance, nickel, nickel-based alloys, and titanium and its alloys are often welded in the MIG or TIG welding procedure

using DC current with a negative electrode. As far as titanium is concerned, it is also important to protect the part with shielding gas even at a distance from the welding point to prevent discoloration and oxygen enrichment. Zirconium and zirconium alloys are

usually easy to weld. To ensure that all material properties remain intact, very precise shielding with shielding gas is required and the inert gas situation also needs to be monitored carefully. Copper can be processed in a TIG or plasma welding procedure and

is often used for example to produce boilers for water tanks.

C-17 DIDTEKCSSCV Cast Steel Swing Check Valve-Alloy Steel C12 High Temperature 10 600LB Swing Check Valve

Didtek Valve can use special alloys, metals, and materials to manufacture valves, designed to handle extremely corrosive conditions. These alloys include nickel alloy castings and cast stainless steel, giving you more options on which material best suits your business requirements. 

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