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EAC CU-TR 010 and CU -TR 032 Certification For Didtek

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Valves that are exported to EAEU countries, are subject to mandatory EAC TR CU compliance. EAC certificate or declaration should be obtained prior to exporting or selling the equipment to EAEU countries.

Valve may be subject to:

A-2 Cast Steel WCB DN400 PN63 BW GOST Gate Valve

Didtek valve has obtained complete certification, including API6D, ISO9001, Lloyd's CE Model H, Lloyd's UKCA, GOST-R Certificate CU-TR 010/2011 DOC Valve, GOST-R Certificate CU-TR 010/2011 DOC Strainer, GOST-R Certificate CU-TR 032/2013 DOC Valve, GOST-R Certificate CU-TR 032/2013 COC Valve, API6FA Fire Protection Certificate. Our main products including gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, butterfly valve and so on. 

The products are mainly sold in the General Electric (USA), Siemens (Germany), ENI (Italy), PETROBRAS (Brazil), SASOL (South Africa), VOPAK (Singapore) and other global well-known Enterprises. The products are widely used in oil, natural gas, chemical industry, oil refining, power plant, storage tank, offshore platform and so on.   The newly built laboratory has the function of analyze the chemical, physical and mechanical properties of materials, as well as a variety of complete NDT inspection technologies such as RT, UT, MT, PT etc.

Didtek valve has become a recognized valve manufacturer with excellent quality and ability to meet various technical requirements of customers.  Now the company is committed to looking for powerful developers, stockers, engineering contractors and so on. We sincerely invite you to join us.

A-3 Cast Steel WC6 DN200 Gear Operated Flanged GOST Gate Valve

The Eurasian Conformity mark (EAC, Russian: Евразийское соответствие (ЕАС)) is a certification mark to indicate products that conform to all technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union. It means that the EAC-marked products meet all requirements of the corresponding technical regulations and have passed all conformity assessment procedures. 
Important features of EAC marking

Products which are subject to one or more technical regulations because of their nature must be marked with the EAC marking before being placed on the market or put into service for the first time. All applicable technical regulations must be taken into account.

Manufacturers of a product are responsible for which technical regulations they must apply during production.

The product may only be placed on the market and put into service if it complies with the provisions of all technical regulations applicable at the present time, and it is provided that the conformity assessment has been carried out in accordance with all applicable technical regulations.
The manufacturer shall attach the EAC marking to the product.
If required, an authorized body must be involved in the conformity assessment.
In addition to the EAC marking, no other mark or seal of approval is permitted, which could call into question the statement of the "EAC".
The EAC marking confirms full compliance with the "Basic Safety Requirements", which are specified in the Technical Regulations.

Attachment of EAC markingDidtek-GOST-Certificate-CU-TR-032-EAC-Valves-1
The EAC marking shall be put onto the product or to the attached label in a visible, legible, distinctive and permanent manner by the manufacturer or his authorized representative in the EAEU. The size must be at least 5 mm; the proportions must be respected if the EAC marking is reduced or enlarged. If the nature of the product does not allow it, it shall be put onto the package (if any) and the accompanying documents. The EAC marking may only be carried out when all the requirements of the technical regulations applicable to the corresponding product have been met - this includes EAC Certified lighting products for use in hazardous areas.

Application area
The EAC marking is the prerequisite for the initial placing on the market in all member-states of the Eurasian Economic Union. The EAEU includes Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Technical regulations
For the following product groups there are technical regulations of the CU or EAEU as basis for the EAC marking.
The new CU TR system comprises both Declarations of Conformity (DoC) and Certificates of Conformity (CoC), each with their own conditions. There are several Technical Regulations one may have to comply with, of which the main ones in the industrial field are: 

* CU TR 004: LVE
* CU TR 010: machinery safety
* CU TR 012: EX
* CU TR 020: EMC
* CU TR 032: Pressure

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