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  • A-59  A-40 DIDTEKCSGV Cast Steel Gate Valve-Fire Protection 8 150LB Flanged WCB Gate Valve  A-12 DIDTEKCSGV Cast Steel Gate Valve-Oil Refinery High Pressure Temperature WC9 Chrome Moly PSB Gate Valve With F22 BypassA-29 DIDTEKCSGV Cast Steel Gate Valve-Bevel Gear Operator ANSI 20inch 150LB Gate Valve  A-41 DIDTEKCSGV Cast Steel Gate Valve-ASME B16.32 OS&Y Flanged 2 Gate Valve  A-62 DIDTEKCSGV Cast Steel Gate Valve-OS&Y Bolted Bonnet 4inch 150# Gate Valve
  • B-19 DIDTEKCSGV Cast Steel Globe Valve-Intelligent F15 IP67 Electric Actuatur ANSI Globe Valve  B-17 DIDTEKCSGV Cast Steel Globe Valve-Cryogenic Extended Spindle BW Globe Valve  B-14 DIDTEKCSGV Cast Steel Globe Valve-Position Indicator Regulating Type Globe Valve With Locking DeviceB-16 DIDTEKCSGV Cast Steel Globe Valve-Chemical CK20 2 150LB Bolted Bonnet Globe Valve  B-18 DIDTEKCSGV Cast Steel Globe Valve-Steam WC6 3 Pneumatic Flanged Globe Valve  B-21 DIDTEKCSGV Cast Steel Globe Valve-14 Class300 BS1873 Flange Double Disc Seal STL Globe Valve
  • C-13 DIDTEKCSSCV Cast Steel Swing Check Valve-Oil WCB Cast Steel 4 150LB Swing Check Valve  C-19 DIDTEKCSSCV Cast Steel Swing Check Valve-F91 Forged Steel DN200 PN250 BW Swing Check Valve  C-11 DIDTEKCSSCV Cast Steel Swing Check Valve-4inch 300LB CF8 SS304 Heat Jacket Swing Check ValveD-2 DIDTEKPCH Piston Check Valve-High Pressure Monel Flanged 6 inch Check Valve  C-20 DIDTEKCSSCV Cast Steel Swing Check Valve-S32760 6A 16 Flanged Full Opening Renewable Seat Horizontal Swing Check Valve  D-3 DIDTEKPCH Piston Check Valve-3 150LB Duplex 2205 Piston Check Valve





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