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Maintenance Skills of Valve Leakage

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Valve leakage is very common in life and production. If it is light, it will cause waste or bring danger to life, e.g. tap water valve leakage. It will also cause serious consequences, such as leakage of toxic and harmful, corrosive media in chemical industry, etc. It will seriously threaten the safety of people and property, causing environmental pollution as well. So it is necessary to understand the principle and treatment of valve leakage.


1. Valve Sealing Principle

Sealing is to prevent leakage, so the principle of valve sealing is also studied from preventing leakage. There are two main factors causing the leakage. One is the most important factor affecting the sealing performance. That is, there is a gap between the sealing pairs. The other is the pressure difference between the two sides of the sealing pair. The principle of valve sealing can be analyzed from four aspects, liquid sealing, gas sealing, leakage channel sealing and valve sealing pair.



2. Main Factors Affecting Valve Sealing

There are many factors that affect valve sealing, including the structure of sealing pair, specific pressure of sealing surface, physical properties of medium and quality of sealing pair.


Valve Leakage

3. Valve Sealing Form

The seal is also a key part in the valve. There are three sealing parts of the valve.

(1) The contact between the two sealing surfaces of the opening and closing parts and the valve seat.

(2) The fitting between the packing and the valve rod and the stuffing box.

(3) The connection between valve body and valve cover.

The former leak is called internal leakage, which is usually said‘not to be closed tightly’. The last two leaks are called external leakage. That is to say, the medium leaks from the inside to the outside of the valve. Leakage will cause material loss, environmental pollution and even accidents. For flammable, explosive, toxic or radioactive media, leakage is not allowed, so the valve must have reliable sealing performance.



4. Valve Sealing Materials

Valve sealing material is an important part of valve sealing, including two categories of metal and non-metal, such as synthetic rubber, nylon, polytetrafluoroethylene, cast iron, Babbitt alloy, copper alloy, chromium stainless steel and boronizing, etc.



5. How to Repair the Leakage of Household Valve

If there is water leakage at the connection between the household valve and the pipeline, more non dry adhesive tape can be wrapped at the connection. If the valve itself is leaking, it is necessary to disassemble the valve and add a seal or O-ring inside, but it is recommended to be more convenient to replace a new one.


Valve Leakage

If the ball valve leaks water, and if the ball core is broken, replace the new ball core. The operation method is as follows.

(1) First, remove the handle and put away the fastening screws removed inside.

(2) Remove the screw ring of fixed valve core. Remove the valve core and replace it with a new one.

(3) Just install it in reverse.

Do not forget to close the water inlet angle valve before starting.


If the sealing is not good, it is necessary to tighten the switch to solve the leakage of the ball valve. If there is water leakage at the joint of the faucet connecting pipe, it is necessary to check whether the nut at the lower connecting pipe is loose. Tighten the nut or replace it with a new U-shaped gasket.


In a word, no matter the leakage of the valve happens in the factory or at home, we must find out the reason first, then take the right way to solve it. If it can not be solved, the corresponding maintenance personnel should be asked for help in time. After all, safety comes first.

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